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 How To Cheat At VoIP Security

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MesazhTitulli: How To Cheat At VoIP Security   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:36 pm

If you want to be a C# developer, or if you want to enhance your C# programming skills, there is no more useful tool than a well-crafted book on the

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“This book expands on the concepts introduced in Essential C# 2.0 to include C# 3.0 enhancements. One great aspect of this book is that it not only covers

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–Michael Stokesbary, senior software engineer, Itron Inc.

Praise for the First Edition

“Essential C# 2.0 pulls off a very difficult task. The early chapters are comprehensible by beginning developers, while the later chapters pull no punches

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–Stephen Toub, technical editor, MSDN Magazine

“This book provides complete, up-to-date coverage of all the programming constructs in C#. Masterfully organized, it allows beginning programmers to get on

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–Michael Stokesbary, software engineer, Itron Inc.

Essential C# 3.0 is an extremely well-written and well-organized “no-fluff” guide to C# 3.0, which will appeal to programmers at all levels of experience

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Author Mark Michaelis covers the C# language in depth, and each importantconstruct is illustrated with succinct, relevant code examples. (Complete code

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Topics intended for beginners and advanced readers are clearly marked.

Following an introduction to C#, readers learn about

C# primitive data types, value types, reference types, type conversions, and arrays
Operators and control flow, loops, conditional logic, and sequential programming
Methods, parameters, exception handling, and structured programming
Classes, inheritance, structures, interfaces, and object-oriented programming
Well-formed types, operator overloading, namespaces, and garbage collection
Generics, collections, custom collections, and iterators
Delegates and lambda expressions
Standard query operators and query expressions
LINQ: language integrated query
Reflection, attributes, and declarative programming
Threading, synchronization, and multithreaded patterns
Interoperability and unsafe code
The Common Language Infrastructure that underlies C#
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the new features of C# 3.0, Essential C# 3.0 gives you just what you need to quickly get up and running writing C# applications.
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How To Cheat At VoIP Security
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