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 Instalimi i Unreal3.2.3

Shko poshtë 

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Join date : 17/01/2009

Instalimi i Unreal3.2.3 Empty
MesazhTitulli: Instalimi i Unreal3.2.3   Instalimi i Unreal3.2.3 I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 9:08 pm

Instalimi i Unreal3.2.3 n? root/Shell tuaj!!


pas k?saj

tar xfz Unreal3.2.3.tar.gz


cd Unreal3.2

tani shkoni..


Do you have an insecure operating system and therefore want to use the server anti-spoof protection?
[No] -> Yes

What directory are all the server configuration files in?
[/home/hendrik/Unreal3.2] ->
(Achtung!! Hier sollte dein Verzeichnis stehen!)

What is the path to the ircd binary including the name of the binary?
[/home/hendrik/Unreal3.2/src/ircd] ->

Would you like to compile as a hub or as a leaf?
Type Hub to select hub and Leaf to select leaf.
[Hub] ->

What is the hostname of the server running your IRCd?
[] ->

(Achtung, hier sollte der genaue Wortlaut deines Hostnames rein,
du erf?hrst diesen Wert, wenn du auf deiner Shell "echo $HOSTNAME" eingibst!)

What should the default permissions for your configuration files be? (Set this to 0 to disable)
It is strongly recommended that you use 0600 to prevent unwanted reading of the file
[0600] ->

Do you want to support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections?
[No] -> yes
(Achtung, dieser Teil ist wichtig, solltest du es erw?gen in Zukunft eine verschl?sselte
Verbindung auf deinem Server anbieten zu wollen antwortest du hier mit "yes", andernfalls
mit "no"!)

If you know the path to OpenSSL on your system, enter it here. If not leave this blank
[] ->
(leer lassen um Config selbst danach suchen zu lassen. Frag deinen Systemadmin, ob und
wo die OpenSSL-Bibliothek installiert wurde, wenn sie nicht installiert ist, kannst du
keine Verschl?sselung verwenden und es kann zu Fehlern kommen, da du vorhin mit "yes"
geantwortet hast!)

Do you want to enable IPv6 support?
[No] ->

Do you want to enable ziplinks support?
[No] -> yes
(Ziplinks bedeutet, dass die Verbindung zwischen zwei Unreal-Servern (wenn sie
miteinander vernetzt wurden) komprimiert wird. Dies spart Traffic)

If you know the path to zlib on your system, enter it here. If not leave this blank
[] ->
(Hier gilt das selbe wie oben bei der OpenSSL-Library, leer lassen um Config suchen
zu lassen oder Pfad selbstst?ndig eintragen!)

Do you want to enable remote includes?
[No] ->

Do you want to enable prefixes for chanadmin and chanowner?
This will give +a the & prefix and ~ for +q (just like +o is @) Supported by the
major clients (mIRC, xchat, epic, eggdrop, Klient, PJIRC, etc.) with the notable
exceptions of irssi, KVIrc and CGI:IRC.
This feature should be enabled/disabled network-wide.
[No] -> yes

What listen() backlog value do you wish to use? Some older servers have
problems with more than 5, others work fine with many more.
[5] ->

How far back do you want to keep the nickname history?
[2000] ->

What is the maximum sendq length you wish to have?
[3000000] ->

How many buffer pools would you like? This number will be multiplied by MAXSENDQLENGTH.
[18] ->

How many file descriptors (or sockets) can the IRCd use?
[1024] ->

Would you like any more parameters to configure?
Write them here:

Vet?m ENTER shkoni k?tu

Generating certificate request ..
/usr/bin/openssl req -new \
-config src/ssl.cnf -out server.req.pem \
-keyout server.key.pem -nodes
Using configuration from src/ssl.cnf
Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key
writing new private key to 'server.key.pem'
You are about to be asked to enter information that will be incorporated
into your certificate request.
What you are about to enter is what is called a Distinguished Name or a DN.
There are quite a few fields but you can leave some blank
For some fields there will be a default value,
If you enter '.', the field will be left blank.
Country Name [US]E
State/Province [New York]:.
Locality Name (eg, city) []:MeinOrt
Organization Name (eg, company) [IRC geeks]:.
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) [IRCd]:GA GA Chat-Netz
Common Name (Full domain of your server) []
Generating self-signed certificate ..

Pasi t? kryhet kjo shkoni..


| Compile is now complete. |
| You should now read the documentation and learn |
| how to configure your IRCd. |
| |
| If you really like UnrealIRCd, and would like to |
| make a donation, please read the Donation file in|
| this archive. |
| |
| Thanks for using Unreal IRCd! If you are in need |
| for any kind of help regarding the IRCd please |
| read the Unreal.nfo file. |
|_________________________________________________ _|

Tash u kry edhe kjo.

Tani e shtini unrealircd.conf s? shpejti edhe unrealircd.conf e qes k?tu me pa qysh ndreqet. Pasi ta qitni unrealircd.conf n?se doni mund ti b?ni edhe k?to p?r motd dhe rules.

$> touch motd.conf
$> touch rules.conf

dhe m? n? fund shkoni..

./unreal start

Starting UnrealIRCd
_ _ _ ___________ _____ _
| | | | | |_ _| ___ \/ __ \ | |
| | | |_ __ _ __ ___ __ _| | | | | |_/ /| / \/ __| |
| | | | '_ \| '__/ _ \/ _` | | | | | / | | / _` |
| |_| | | | | | | __/ (_| | |_| |_| |\ \ | \__/\ (_| |
\___/|_| |_|_| \___|\__,_|_|\___/\_| \_| \____/\__,_|
using OpenSSL 0.9.6c 21 dec 2001

using zlib 1.1.3

* Loading IRCd configuration ..
* Configuration loaded without any problems ..
* Loading tunefile..
* Initializing SSL.
* Dynamic configuration initialized .. booting IRCd.


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Instalimi i Unreal3.2.3
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